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Uniquely new dishes in a welcoming atmosphere

From the moment you walk into Harrisburg’s first authentic Puerto Rican restaurant, you are greeted by warmth. The bright yellow interior, lively music and traditional food that is obviously cooked with love all help to convey the feeling that Anastacia’s is a vibrant place. Owner, Ricardo Suarez, opened the restaurant on 6th Street on August […]

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Comfort Food for when You’re Sick

When a person is sick, the doctor’s orders usually limit the comfort food to the traditional bland hospital diet. However, there’s one tried and true comfort food that is always at the top of anyone’s list of the best and most effective in healing what ails you. Of course, the traditional comfort food since doctors […]

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Keeping Food Fresh without Refrigeration

Knowing how to keep food safe from spoilage and healthful to eat is essential for anyone who prepares or stores it. For millennia, people have kept food safely without refrigeration. A practical home refrigerator was not invented until 1927. To figure out the best strategies for keeping our food wholesome without electricity, find out how […]

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