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Uniquely new dishes in a welcoming atmosphere

From the moment you walk into Harrisburg’s first authentic Puerto Rican restaurant, you are greeted by warmth. The bright yellow interior, lively music and traditional food that is obviously cooked with love all help to convey the feeling that Anastacia’s is a vibrant place. Owner, Ricardo Suarez, opened the restaurant on 6th Street on August […]

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Hosts Guests Meals Entertaining Budget

Entertaining on a Budget Entertaining guests, according to many guides, involves complicated menus, considerable investment of time, and new and exciting socializer strategies. It’s no wonder that the average working Joe or Jane rarely, if ever, entertains. The know-it-alls have made it seem overwhelming! Put The Book Away – You Can Do It! What the […]

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Starbucks Versus Dunkin Donuts

Comparing Starbucks to Dunkin’ Donuts is like comparing a high-class restaurant to McDonalds. Starbucks has revolutionized coffee shops and cafes. The company has made it’s name and has grown into such a successful business for a number of reasons. Not only does Starbucks offer great coffee and pastries, but they offer the ambient atmosphere found […]

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The Morrell Road, Texas Roadhouse

The Texas Roadhouse restaurant located at 120 Morrell Road in Knoxville, Tennessee  is one of my favorite “casual” dining restaurants in West Knoxville.  The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the wait staff are always friendly and on the ball.  The wooden floors, south-western type decorations scattered throughout the dining area, and the stuffed animal […]

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Restaurants in San Francisco

With world-class wineries and fresh products readily available, San Francisco’s restaurants have a huge advantage to many other areas. Restaurants can buy directly from the farms in the vicinity or visit the farmers market for products. Patrons have a variety of unique choices from a very basic hole-in-the-wall eatery to a chic fine dining restaurant. […]

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