Jumpstart a Healthy Lifestyle

The holidays have just come to a close – time for a fresh start and a new year. You are feeling bad about yourself. Maybe you have tried various diet tricks in the past and nothing has ever worked.

This article will teach you that there are ways to feel good about yourself and be healthy that you absolutely can stick with, and as a pleasant side effort you will more than likely shed some pounds.

1. Pick a day to start your new healthy life. Tell friends, family or co-workers about it so that you feel committed to that day. Make sure you choose people that you feel will be great support. Do not be afraid to do this for yourself.

2. Do your own independent research on real nutrition. I do not mean picking up the books of any of those fad diets, such as Atkins or the grapefruit diet. I mean learn about the benefits of various fruits and vegetables; learn what meats are the leanest and offer the greatest nutritional benefit, learn about alternate forms of protein, learn which whole grains, seeds and nuts provide which benefits.

3. If you have the opportunity to do so, speak a nutritionist. If not, it will not be difficult to find your own research. Do not be discouraged by differences of opinion – you are simply looking for which foods are good for you – not which carbs or meats are bad for you.

4. Head to the grocery store before you first day so that you will be prepared right off the bat. Shop the produce, meats, and fresh breads sections first – typically these areas are found on the perimeter of the grocery store.

Much of the stuff in the middle of the store is junk and mass produced products that are not truly aimed at health. Shop for whole foods.

5. Stop thinking of what you are doing as a diet – because it’s not. You are simply making better choices and eating right.

You will have ups and downs where you eat things that you know are not the best for you but absolutely do not beat yourself up.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a guilty pleasure from time to time. This is a life change, something you adapt and live with over time, not a short term thing. You will get back on the horse if you remain motivated and happy instead of defeated.