Packing a Healthy School Lunch the Kids will Eat

Teaching children to eat healthy is one thing but to have them enjoy their home made lunch is another story all together. Brown paper bag lunches and lunch boxes have been around for ages and parents alike have been trying to get the next generation to eat healthier than the one before. Eating their vegetables and fruits might be something children do not enjoy, but with these sure fire four items children will be begging for more fruits and veggies to be added to their lunch daily.

*Ants on a log*

Looking for a way to get the children to eat some protein, celery and a fruit all at once? Ants on a log are the perfect answer for this. This simple snack can go along with any sandwich item or as a snack to have during class, if allowed. To make this snack all that is needed are celery slices from the celery stalk. Cut them into thirds, and spread peanut butter inside of the middle section. Once the peanut butter has been evenly spread place raisins or dried cranberries on the peanut butter to make the ants on the log. This is a great treat and simply delicious for any child to eat.

*Cheese and crackers*

Low not fat cheese can be a delicious way to get children to get an amount of dairy that is needed for their bones to grow strong. Putting a small amount of cheese slices with crackers is a simple way to give children whole grain as well as a tasty treat in their lunch. For choices of crackers things such as wheat thins and triscuit crackers are a great example of the types to use.

*Fruit and yogurt dip*

Strawberries, blueberries, pineapple or any other fruit cut up and put with yogurt dip is a fantastic treat to have with a home packed lunch. Children will love to be able to dip their favorite fruits in this yogurt dip at lunchtime. Fruits are important to have with a meal due to their nutritional value and not to mention they are delicious.

*Homemade granola*

Granola is a snack food with rolled oats, nuts, honey, and sometimes puffed rice, that is usually baked until crisp. Sometimes granola has dehydrated fruits in it as well. To put together granola people can be as individual as they would like. Adding any type of dried fruit can be done, or a person can leave it completely plain for the children depending on what their child likes.

As it can be seen from this article there are simple and easy tricks on getting your children to eat healthy and enjoy their nutritious snacks. Giving them the choice of having a healthy item when they are younger will not only help them become stronger, healthier individuals but may spark interest in them to learn more about what they are eating. For example a young blogger posts blogs of what her school cafeteria feeds her on a daily basis at Neverseconds. Now ask yourself, what are your children really eating if they are not eating something healthy from home?