Simple Meals Kids can Prepare

One of the talents kids should be taught before leaving home is how to cook.  You can save considerable money when cooking at home and in most cases it is also healthier.  When you cook your own meals you know what ingredients are in them and can adjust the flavors to your taste.  Kids are also more likely to eat meals that they helped make and know what ingredients are in them.  There are a number of meals that kids can prepare. 

It may take longer when you have kids helping you but in the long run they will be able to do more of the preparation and cooking.  If they learn to cook and enjoy it, it will be a talent that will serve them for many years.  Kids can earn to cook more than chicken nuggets and pizza. 

Depending on the age and expertise of the children they may need some assistance and guidance, but in time they will be able to cook meals on their own. 

With younger children it could be as simple as cereal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  When they get older they can advance to using the stove with supervision by making soup, grilled cheese and pasta.  By boiling pasta and heating spaghetti sauce, you can have a meal when added to a salad or other side dish.  There are many items packaged so they can be heated up in the microwave. 

If you have prepared pizza crust they can add toppings to make their own pizzas.  You can divide the pizza crust into individual servings to make personal sized pizzas. 

Ideas for desserts could be jello and pudding mixes.  When using a cake mix, it is easy for children to learn how to bake. 

If you have fruit, yogurt and other supplies available they can easily make themselves a smoothie for breakfast or a snack. 

The more experienced they become, they may learn to experiment with different ingredients and techniques.   

There are many blogs that include posts about kids learning how to cook.  Jessica blogs about teaching her six kids to cook and help around the house at  Crystal at also posts about her young children helping her in the kitchen. 

Cooking is one of the talents kids should be taught before they leave home.  It is a talent that will serve them throughout their lives and save them a considerable amount of money.